• 2~4親子/クラス
  • ポピー(1歳児対象クラス)、リリー(2歳児対象クラス)、デイジー(3歳児対象クラス)、アイリス(入園前クラス)
  • 1授業50分(10分のフリートーク+40分のレッスン)
  • 各クラス週三回開催予定。対象クラスであれば週に何度でも出席できます。




  • まずご希望の枚数のチケットを購入していただきます。チケットは行こう期限内であればどの曜日でもどのクラスにでもお使いいただけます。
  • ご希望のクラスを選んでいただきます。
  • クラスの開始時間に合わせてお越しください。
  • クラス開始時にチケットを講師に一枚お渡しください。
  • 講師が声掛けをするまで室内で自由に遊んでください。
  • クラスを思いっきり楽しんでください。






Baby bloomは英語の知育広場





Baby Bloomはそれらを叶えるお手伝いをしたい。


Our activities

  • 1. Songs: We sing a beginning song, ending song, and one special song that changes every month. All songs are carefully selected by a top educator and composer. We sing them all together with body movements.
  • 2. Flash cards: We show your kids 10 flash cards by category (colors, weather, flowers, animals, fish, birds, vehicles, tools, etc.).
  • 3. Dance:We do dance either altogether or as a pair with your kids with a certain song.
  • 4. Interactive activities between mother and babies:We do one activity to stimulate one of those following skills that kids have, problem-solving skills, Thinking skills, Concentration skills, Language & Communication skills, Imagination & Creativity skills, Emotional development, Memory skills, Math skills, Physical development, Sensory development, Skills development, Social skills, Musical skills.
  • 5. Books:Read one or two short stories.
  • *In addition to those activities, we spend about 10 minutes to talk about kids with other mothers while kids are getting to used to the class room.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could stimulate them in English through the fun activities with their favorite person?

We would like to introduce you how to stimulate and interact with your kids in English even though you don’t speak English fluently.

We also would like to help building up a strong mother-child bond via physical and mental attachments.

We would like to put lots of fun memories with their mom in English in order to make them remember English as a part of their fun memories.



The most important thing for the kids in between 1-3 years old is getting lots of happy experiences that include physical contacts with their moms.

80% of a human’s brain are built in first 3 years. In order to develop your kids ability better, we need to stimulate them with various activities, plays, communications, etc.

Kids love learning, exploring, and experiencing new things. In addition to that, they love spending time with their close people such as their dad, mom, brothers, sisters, and grand parents. Among them, mom is the extremely important person for them. If their mom is happy, it makes them happy. If their mom is sad, it makes them sad.