Our activities

  • 1. Songs: We sing a beginning song, ending song, and one special song that changes every month. All songs are carefully selected by a top educator and composer. We sing them all together with body movements.
  • 2. Flash cards: We show your kids 10 flash cards by category (colors, weather, flowers, animals, fish, birds, vehicles, tools, etc.).
  • 3. Dance:We do dance either altogether or as a pair with your kids with a certain song.
  • 4. Interactive activities between mother and babies:We do one activity to stimulate one of those following skills that kids have, problem-solving skills, Thinking skills, Concentration skills, Language & Communication skills, Imagination & Creativity skills, Emotional development, Memory skills, Math skills, Physical development, Sensory development, Skills development, Social skills, Musical skills.
  • 5. Books:Read one or two short stories.
  • *In addition to those activities, we spend about 10 minutes to talk about kids with other mothers while kids are getting to used to the class room.